Moderation Policy

INKA invites guests to engage on our social media platforms or public feedback sites, where they can share comments, reviews, and pose questions. We welcome dialogue and interactions, valuing constructive feedback and critical views, provided they portray a true account of event and are courteous towards our team, clients, partners, and the broader community.

INKA commits to monitoring and potentially removing content if deemed by us to possibly be illegal, threatening, slanderous, obscene, racist, or violating the privacy of any INKA team member, associate, or client. We reserve the authority to delete posts that breach these standards, including those deemed as excessive posting, or spam, and may block the accounts of individuals who persistently or egregiously violate these guidelines to discourage similar content.

Except for content shared on third-party sites integrated within our platforms, INKA possesses or holds rights to the intellectual property of the content we share. This content is protected by copyright. You are permitted to download, display, and reproduce this content in its original form solely for your personal, non-commercial purposes or within your organisation. Rights to materials posted by others on various social media channels do not extend to you, and you must not copy, reproduce, or modify such materials unless expressly granted permission by the material’s owner.

We thank you for your collaboration in maintaining a supportive community where we can constructively share our views.  

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