Our latest development, an award-winning project, showcases the pinnacle of architectural ingenuity and modern living. Comprising 17 double-storey terraces, each designed with two innovative floor plans and three unique elevations, this development redefines affordable luxury. These homes are constructed using cutting-edge prefabricated wall panels, combined with a durable full timber frame construction methodology. Every terrace features distinct elevations, complemented by premium interior finishes, offering a luxurious 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom layout. Delivered as a full turnkey product, this development not only promises a high-end living experience but also contributes to the luxury-inspired streetscape of the developed Calleya community.

Build Method

Full timber frame

Project Type


Energy Rating

Performance Solution

Elevations to Inspire

Three diverse cladding materials bring texture, character, and a unique articulation to each terrace, fostering a sense of personal ownership.


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