We are INKA

At the intersection of legacy and innovation, we stand proud as an award-winning, Western Australian owned builder, in a new era of construction. We’re not just building structures; we’re crafting future living spaces with an integrity-first approach, echoed across our building group for over half a century.

Established in 2021, our brand is built on genuine trust and a relentless curiosity. We’re driven, always asking the big questions and pushing boundaries, to ensure the absolute best outcomes for our clients. Welcome to where the past meets the present with a vision to evolve urban development for the future.

Our Commitment to excellence

Our Company

Our Values

Join us in a world where our values aren’t just words, but the pillars that uphold every exciting project and cheerful interaction, defining the essence of our company culture.

Be honest and ethical.
This means providing accurate information, keeping promises, admitting mistakes, and maintaining confidentiality. It fosters trust and confidence.

This reflects a desire to understand deeply. Curiosity drives questioning, active listening, and seeks to comprehend the root cause of issues. This leads to more effective solutions.

Be genuinely motivated and proactive.
It involves going the extra mile to ensure success, using collaboration and enthusiasm to solve problems, and continuously striving to improve the quality of our service.

We treat those we interact with as we would treat our family, with warmth, respect, and care. It’s about building strong, lasting relationships, based on empathy, respect and understanding. Our goal is for all to feel valued and appreciated, fostering loyalty and positive engagement.

Emphasises the pursuit of high standards.
It’s working together to be better today than we were yesterday.

Connection to Our Land

Our partnership with the Girt by Sea project, featuring the work of photographers Tony Hewitt FAIPP and Denis Glennon AO, has become the visual centrepiece of our brand, symbolising our deep connection to the land. This unique collection showcases breathtaking views of Australian coastlines, capturing the essence of the country’s natural beauty and our commitment to celebrating it.

We thank and credit imagery to the Girt by Sea Project.

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